LightKone researcher presents paper at IEEE PerCom SmartEdge 2019 Workshop

Igor Kopestenski, a researcher of LightKone project, has presented a paper entitled “Achlys: Towards a framework for distributed storage and generic computing applications for wireless IoT edge networks with Lasp on GRiSP” at the SmartEdge 2019 Workshop collocated with the IEEE Journal on Pervasive Computing and Communications (IEEE PerCom 2019), which took place at Kyoto, Japan between 11 and 15 March.

This paper focus Achlys project, which is a library that leverages the features of Lasp andits CRDT implementations with the Partisan communication layer directly on GRiSP embedded systems. The author has also added a general purpose task model on top of it through a simple API and brought more features to the edge devices by replicating not only data, but functions as well.

Achlys uses LightKone technologies as building blocks and shows how they can be ported to the farthest part of the network and used to support new features with the same reliability properties. The future work will be to make it possible for programmers to use Achlys as a component of their programs to build resilient applications at the edge that are able to run without Internet access or gateways, while never excluding the possibility to make them interoperable at any time.

It’s important to mention that all of this work has started as the topic of his Master’s thesis and generates an accepted paper at SmartEdge19 Workshop.

The full paper is available here.

Some information to show how easy it is to use the Achlys library:


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